About Lina

After studying Economics and Finance in Paris, Lina Brax pursued her career by working in several companies. However, her love for fashion, bags and the world of art made her realize that she had so much to unravel. 

Ever since she was little, she used to collect the special edition bags and latest collections by well-known designers. To expand her knowledge and creativity, she then decided to enroll in art classes in order to acquire a better understanding of figures, forms and colors. Lina got married to a French-Lebanese architect who oriented her even more towards art by nourishing the passion and potential that was hiding within her. 

After moving to Beirut with her husband and two kids, Lina Brax stared at her wardrobe and noticed that her collection was incomplete; she had everything except a python bag. Since Paris was a huge inspiration to her because of its streets, galleries, monuments and culture, she found significance in the simplicity of French fashion and knew quite well that there was something inside her that needed to come out. At this moment, she started searching for a handbag factory and decided to create the missing python bag, and this is how the brand was born.

About the brand

Lina’s collections are the essence of the modern woman’s true wardrobe; versatile yet rooted in luxurious and high-end material.

The bags are delicately designed and shaped according to their distinctive purposes, and while certainly possessing artistic merit, they are also highly practical in nature.

The brand is an extension of Lina’s own personal style, intertwined with the ever-changing needs and desires of today’s women. Each collection has a story and holds the name that is embodied by the idea behind its creation.

The designer draws inspiration from spiritual and cultural notions like love, victory, and the number seven. Lina believes that every bag purchase is an opportunity for her to engage in an open discussion revolving around life and its meaning, and to highlight the concepts that strive to connect us on a deeper level.