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Who is Lina Brax?

Lina Brax, a Paris-educated economist and finance expert, found her true calling in the world of fashion and art. Her lifelong passion for collecting designer bags and her deep appreciation for art led her to a new path, one that would allow her to express her creativity and love for luxury handbags.

From a young age, Lina was captivated by the allure of special edition bags and the latest collections from renowned designers. This passion led her to further her understanding of art, studying figures, forms, and colors to enhance her creative vision. Her journey was further enriched by her French-Lebanese architect husband, whose influence deepened her connection with art.

Upon relocating to Beirut with her husband and children, Lina realized her extensive collection lacked a python bag. Inspired by the simplicity of French fashion and the cultural richness of Paris, she embarked on a journey to fill this gap. Thus, the Lina Brax brand was born out of a desire to create the perfect python bag, a testament to her love for luxury and high-end fashion.

About the brand

Lina Brax's collections embody the essence of the modern woman's wardrobe - versatile, luxurious, and rooted in high-quality materials. Our luxury handbags are meticulously designed for their unique purposes, combining artistic merit with practicality.

The Lina Brax brand is a reflection of Lina's personal style, intertwined with the evolving needs and desires of today's women. Each collection tells a story, with each bag named after the idea that inspired its creation.

Drawing inspiration from spiritual and cultural concepts such as love, victory, and the number seven, Lina sees every handbag purchase as an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about life and its meaning. Through her designs, she aims to highlight the concepts that connect us on a deeper level, making each Lina Brax luxury handbag more than just a fashion statement - it's a conversation starter.