Lina Brax seems to embody the 21st century’s global citizen. Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, She is a Lebanese and a french citizen. Splitting her time between Paris, Dubaï, and Florence, Lina Brax captures the essence of both East and West, not just in her private life, but also through her breathtaking handbags creation. Lina Brax who has a Master in Finance from “Ecole de commerce de Lyon -EM Lyon” and a BA in Economics from USJ (Université Saint-Joseph) of Beirut, got her professional start in Handbags immediately upon returning in 2013 to Lebanon right after her 15 years of life, studies and works in Paris, France. “I lived in Paris i studied 3 years at the university, i started my first internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Audit, and then worked in Finance with kraft Foods. Right after kraft Foods, i worked in consultancy at Valoris.  All these years full of discoveries and experience have fostered inside me strong insights as well as a broad perception which propelled me forward to launch my own brand”. In addition “my love and sensitivity to Art were always present since i was a child, i paint, i modify, i sew…,i was lucky enough to nurture my love for this passion through 4 years of intensive professional painting courses during which i did many “vernissages” and exhibited my work in Paris at the Grand Palais (during Art en Capital exhibition and others places in the capital). Lina Brax is a luxury handbag brand conceptualized and made in Lebanon.