Product Care

Dear Customers,

Note that leather used for this Lina BRAX bag has been worked by a craftsman and finished by hand. So, some defects, shading & color irregularities should be considered natural features of the leather. These are not imperfections.

However, leather & accessories can be irreparably damaged by several conditions:

  • Prolonged sun exposure or artificial light will alter the color & sometimes fade it
  • Perfumes, oily products, cosmetics will leave permanent marks (like lipsticks, perfumes, handcream)
  • Water sometimes leaves traces
  • Jewelry and sharp objects might cause stitches and damage the surface.

The best way to care your LINA BRAX bag is to wipe it with a soft, fluff-free cotton cloth and specially to store it in its dust bag made for this purpose, away from light and heat when its not being used.